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“Because my mother was a prolific artist of beautiful landscape scenes, I grew up with a strong preference for her work and that style of painting. Then came Dawn Winter’s contemporary paintings that are at the other end of artistic style for me. Even so, I am unexpectedly and consistently drawn to the profound expression of feelings and experiences that I find anew each time I look at her work in my home. My husband is far more schooled in the visual arts and thus more open-minded than I am. Our conversations about Dawn’s art always conclude with the shared opinion that she is extremely talented in the contemporary abstract field of art.”
Beth and Tim (Collectors)

Career Progression:

Regarding Commissions:


Career Progression:

When did your career begin? How has it progressed?

The thought of painting never crossed my mind until I visited the galleries located in Santa Fe, NM. Although I’ve had an avid interest in architecture and interior design for many years, the idea of creating paintings hadn’t occurred to me. So, in 2005, while my mom and I meandered through the Fine Art Galleries along Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, I increasing became enthralled and intrigued by the paintings. And, surprisingly, I found myself wanting to try my hand at painting.

Upon returning to Austin, TX I found myself purchasing canvases, acrylic paints, mediums, brushes, etc. and began experimenting. I lived a chaotic life maintaining a home, organizing my families’ activities, volunteering, checking off “endless “to-do” lists and organizing other’s lives. Painting was a hobby and an escape from all the busy-ness.

Due to a friend’s encouragement, I entered a Juried Art contest and won third place…my first juried event! That led to my art being showcased with the Austin Art Garage where I continue to display and sell my paintings. Upon encouragement from others, I pursued opportunities to display my work. During this same time frame, my life was also transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to returning to work, a divorce and becoming a single-parent. My first painting to sell took place at the local “Quacks” Coffeehouse and Bakery one month before my divorce was final.

That was in 2008 and since then I have continued showing my work in various Austin, TX locations including rotating exhibits within corporations, the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Visual Arts Association and the Austin Art Garage Gallery. I enjoy working alongside Interior Designers and private collectors providing commissioned artwork to compliment commercial spaces and client’s living spaces.

In October of 2012, two homes featuring my artwork were televised on two separate HGTV’s Property Brothers “Buying and Selling” episodes.  In 2016, I held my first solo exhibition “Uncovering The Layers” with The SEAD Gallery in Bryan, TX. In 2017, an additional painting was featured on HGTV’s “House Hunter’s Renovation” program. Other exhibitions have included several EAST and WEST Studio Tours, a featured painting during an Austin Parade of Home Tour and additional commission work with private collectors. More recently, several paintings have been available as framed canvas prints with Anthropologie.com.

“We love our new painting and were showing it off to our guests. They never would have imagined we would pick such an abstract piece, but the colors and textures grabbed on to us and just wouldn’t let go.”
Becky (Collector)

“I love your color palettes!”
Anne-Marie (Collector)

What inspires you to paint?

Nature, current temperament and an ongoing longing to create and tangible sensation of applying paint to the canvas. Usually, painting has a calming effect. I enjoy the unplanned, unfocused and goal-less experience of making something new. I strive to “play with paint” and be comfortable with the sensation of careless freedom when making something brand new. I find it invigorating to explore new ideas, techniques and letting the process creating a visual image.

Painting is a gift that I give to myself. It’s “my time” and I find myself being protective over it. That being said, its pleasurable to share this gift and my creations with others as well…

How would you describe your style?

Well, of course, each artist has their own style, their own “look” which may evolve over time. My own look tends to have a saturated, texturized, layered look to it. Sometimes, with a horizontal splashed of color. I aim to create paintings with a sense of depth by using several layers of paint using a palette knife to create texture in order for previous layers to “poke” through.

My hope is that one is compelled to touch the paintings to enjoy the tactile experience of enjoying the painting. Each painting has several layers of glossy varnish in order to not only protect the painting, but to “draw out” the previous layers. Quite honestly, adding the varnish is sometimes the most enjoyable part of the process for myself…the layers and depth of the paintings seeming to emerge as I brush on the varnish.

Because I am drawn to wide-open spaces, the openness of the sky set against the horizontal lines, I occasionally venture into painting abstract landscapes. With my love of paining horizontal lines anyway and my love of the outdoors, it seems like a natural path to take. I tend to create an image of one standing from a stationary spot and gazing into the distance across the sea towards land or across the plains and viewing the clouds overhead.

Regarding Commissions:

What type of person do I work best with?

I work best with someone who enjoys the process of creating a unique, one-of-a-kind painting. Given that I enjoy the process of design, I work best with clients who are seeking an original painting that is with keeping their individual style in mind.

How will owning original artwork benefit you?

“You have developed a great, eye-catching, recognizable style. I loved all of them.”
Bill (Art Enthusiast)

Original paintings provide a focal point that will compliment your design goals for any space; my paintings will give your room a one-of a kind, style that is a reflection of your individual look. Either through selecting an original painting or by working with myself with a commissioned painting, your painting will reflect artwork that cannot be located in any big-box store.

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