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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, 2013

I was asked to share where my mind wandered to when working on my recently finished “Fire and Ice” painting.  My honest answer was “I have absolutely no idea”. I truly could not recall where my mind had landed while making this particular painting. Which tells me that I was able to get into that space where I was letting the process tell me what to do next. That’s where I want to be when I paint. I love the experience of when it all seems to come together and it’s just me with the paints and letting the process decide what’s best. Sometimes, this is when life’s insights come to me too. But then other times, it’s also best to stop. Stop painting…or stop repeating some behavior that clearly isn’t working for me anymore…and being OK with knowing that temporarily pausing really is the best thing I can do for the moment. Step away and let the painting…and insight…tell me what to do next.  My “Fire and Ice” painting is an example.  I stopped working on this painting when I was almost, but not quite yet, finished. I wasn’t sure what was needed for the painting to be completed.  So, I hung it on a wall and walked by it every day for about six months.  Then, one day, I took it off the wall, and finished it.  And, I knew it was done.  Finished. Complete.  And, I was grateful.

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