Write like no one is reading: “Curiosity”

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Write like no one is reading:  Curiosity


Backstory:  Recently, I began to think about the traits necessary to keep painting when feeling lethargic about exploring my creative side.  Coincidentally, I’d read an article about the importance of writing, if not for others, than for yourself.  The phrase “dance like no one is watching” popped into my head and I decided to write a blog series exploring 10 traits that I’d identified and to put this into practice…write as if no one is reading.  I find that it’s easy to feel trapped by thinking about other’s opinions more than recognizing my own wishes.  My guess is that others may do the same.  Maybe writing with the idea that no one will read my blog will be “freeing”?  Today’s trait is #3 out of 10.

Curiosity: I belive that curiosity was one of the more important factors of initially taking the first steps towards learning the basics of painting.  As I roamed through the Santa Fe, NM galleries, one of the questions that came to mind was…how did the artist “do” that?  I was curious as to how the artists actually created their paintings. What techniques were used? What materials were used to create their “look”? At that point in time, I knew absolutely nothing as far as the types of paint, mediums, brushes palette knives, etc. available for artists.

So given this, my first step was to reach out to others whom were more informed than I was. This led to recommendations towards using acrylic paints. Which then led to taking a trip to the local craft and hobby store. Which then led to realizing there are many, many, many options when it comes to paints, mediums, brushes, palette knives, blending/texture sponges, varnishes, etc. I tentatively purchased some items, but then also headed over to the local Barnes and Noble to investigate “how to” books. Eventually, I also took classes through The Art School at Laguna Gloria which I found to be helpful and inspiring.

I say all this to share that curiosity is what was behind all those efforts towards learning about this new-to-me-at-that-time interest of mine. However, it also was the catalyst towards experimenting with all those new-to-me-at-that-time art supplies. It was fun to begin a painting with the thought of “I wonder what happens when I…”. To this day, that same sense of curiosity still inspires me to try new techniques and materials and to seek out information as to other artist’s techniques and inspirations. I honestly love to plop down paint on a canvas with no logical plan in mind and see what happens. It’s not always all that wonderful, but I have learned a few things over time. It’s also my release having adult responsibilities…

I find that curiosity leads to keeping from becoming a bit “stale” over time. I believe it’s important to emphasize this trait in everyday life as it often times influences my paintings. It’s not unusual for me to notice color combinations that I’m drawn towards and to take photos for future painting ideas. The natural environment fuels my curiosity, however it can also be as simple as the fabric from a friend’s outfit or Instagram images. Just this week while shopping at Jerry’s Artarama, I came across new paint colors and mediums that I’ve not tried yet. Although I have my favorites, I make it a habit to bring home a new medium or color with each shopping trip in order to experiment with. I find this sense of curiosity has served me well…and I hope it does for you too!

Next up on my list of important traits:  Information Gathering

~Dawn Winter

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