Write like no one is reading: “work”

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Write like no one is reading:  WORK 

Recently, I began to think about the traits necessary to keep painting when feeling lethargic about exploring my creative side.  Coincidentally, I’d read an article about the importance of writing, if not for others, than for yourself.  The phrase “dance like no one is watching” popped into my head and I decided to write a blog series exploring 10 traits that I identified and to put this into practice…write as if no one is reading.  I find that it’s easy to feel trapped by thinking about other’s opinions more than recognizing my own wishes.  My guess is that others may do the same.  Maybe writing with the idea that no one will read my blog will be “freeing”? So, with this as a backdrop, in honor of celebrating Labor Day, my first trait to examine is “Work”.

Work: it takes work and effort to keep painting.  Creating artwork just doesn’t naturally “happen” as there are plenty of times when other distractions and interests can easily keep me from putting in the effort to paint.  Along with my painting career, I (as many others) also work full-time and by the time I return home each evening, it can be tempting to ignore the needs of my art business.  Family obligations, errands and the running of a household, plus the occasional wish to enjoy all things Austin…it’s easy to ignore the palette knives, paint and canvases that are set out and ready to be used.

For myself, work doesn’t always mean strenuous activity in the physical sense.  It also means being dedicated towards putting effort into accomplishing a goal.  While not physically strenuous, it requires effort.  I’ve been fortunate in many ways and with each scenario, I can also list the steps it took in order for such “lucky” events to occur.

I find it necessary to organize my time such as I do otherwise with my other position (I am an Assistant Administrator with the Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center).  This means keeping a calendar to track upcoming deadlines (art show entries, quarterly taxes, delivery dates, etc.).  It means assigning at least one evening a week towards painting and at least one day of the weekend painting, if not both. It means planning ahead for upcoming shows, daily emails, setting goals and thinking along the lines of marketing and additional ways to share my artwork.  It’s work!  Not always easy when sometimes, I’d rather be watching re-runs of The Detectorists or other British comedies.

So, in celebration of Labor Day,  I am grateful for my work, my efforts and good fortune.  I may take the day “off” and celebrate with family and friends, but nonetheless, I am grateful!

Next up on my list of important traits:  Willingness

~Dawn Winter



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